Development of ERP-systems
Systems of enterprise management that handle internal and external management information about the whole enterprise: financial, production, marketing, logistics, commercial, etc. The development is carried out after prototyping and descriptions of business processes. The developed systems are integrated with existing or needed applications.
Development of CRM-systems
CRM systems are a separate class of applications now. Creating your own CRM-system is necessary when the existing ready solutions on the market are not suitable for real customer interaction processes, or do not comply with the information security policy, or simply for economic efficiency.
Creation of integrated analytics system
We help our customers to use centralized data for the company management and optimization of marketing activities. Our company develops algorithms and calculation systems of management indicators, indicators of the quality of sales, performance advertising campaigns. These can be indicators of daily activities or even strategic factors.
Communication services
We create and implement communication systems with customers, contractors and between employees. It messengers, e-mail, conferencing systems, training portals, corporate portals, integration of web-based solutions with IP-telephony, voice interaction systems.
Training systems
HR management is impossible without the practice and staff training technologies in the modern world. This is necessary for the certification of personnel, building a knowledge base of the company, quick entering the office, the overall growth of professionalism and competence. Creating еру training systems are closely to the development of communication systems in the company and the well-established processes.
Corporate portals
Now is the time when the website is not only the business card. Now the website is a tool. It could be a marketing tool, a tool for logistics, tool for HR department and almost for all departments of companies. So, now we talk about creation the portal, not a website. Our company offers services starting from portal prototyping and ending the implantation.
Financial technologies
Now it’s easier than ever before. Appartika offers a simple integrated payment solution for low risk to high risk merchants operating in all the online industries; from travel, finance and gaming to technology, special offers and many more.
Project management systems
There are goals, tasks and conditions for achieving the result in any functional unit of the company. Automation of the project management reduces the impact of the human factor, increases the likelihood of achieving the goals. We develop the systems for full cycle of the project management and for its components (like time management, risks, costs, people, to-do managers, etc.).
Fully Equipped E-commerce Solutions
While building a business presents many challenges, we believe that selling online should go much more smoothly. Operating a successful ecommerce website takes preparation and the right tools. Whether you’re offering a single product or managing thousands, our ecommerce software has what you need to build and manage an online store successfully. We building your ecommerce website to make it easy for you to start selling online — even with little or no experience.



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Our Ukraine office houses a large team of developers, QA-specialists, business developers, designers, and quality analysis experts. They work together to ensure that you always get the quality that you expect from a reputed development service like ours.


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